Testimonials from Taxidermy Clients

Testimonials from Taxidermy Clients

  "I have been a customer of B&B Taxidermy for close to 20 years.  Not only are Mike and Jo fantastic people to work with, their mounts are incredible.  The attention to detail and the quality of their work is second to none.  When it comes to honoring the game that is harvested, you cannot do any better that providing top notch taxidermy work from B&B Taxidermy."
Jason Epps

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent work. This past year I brought you a bobcat that my 8 year old son killed and a south Texas buck I took. I'm just blown away by the detail and lifelike appearance of both trophies. On the deer, you captured the essence of his age and character with the roman nose, saggy skin, etc. All the things that made that particular hunt and deer special for me, I get to relive each time I look at him on my wall. Not to mention the bobcat looks so real it has startled me when I walk into the room and have forgotten about it. Unbelievably awesome!  Thank you.
Robert Kessler

  I wanted to let you know that Mike Lindsay delivered the Grizzly last week and I could not be happier with the mount. We have it dead center in my store and its caused quite a buzz in our town. Today a family came by so the mom could take pictures of a dad with their baby next to it.  Please tell Mike and all involved that their work is very much appreciated here in Hammond.
Till next time, 
Chris Wisecarver
  Just wanted to say what a great asset Kevin is for you guys. It does not matter if y'all are there or not he is always extremely helpful.  He never seems to need to be told what to do or how to handle any situation.  He's a keeper!!!!  Thanks for making my sheep look so good!!!!
JB Tinney
  I have been looking at my Leopard for about two weeks now. I want you to know that I think it is the best Leopard mount I have ever seen. You are truly an artist when it comes to designing these forms and making everything look so real.
JB Tinney
  They do fantastic work!! My dad and boys have had mounts done here and they look awesome.
K. Howell
  This this the best job I ever seen in this business, good work and took care of details.
S. Mahmood
  I would not ever use anyone else! Mike & his family are the best! They always do gorgeous work!
J. Green
  When it came to our most important trophy to date, we chose B&B Taxidermy for mounting our lion. Mike made our ideas a reality. Thank you B&B Taxidermy!
Bob and Celia Scott