Taxidermy | Spring Texas hunters served well with B&B Taxidermy

Taxidermy | Spring Texas hunters served well with B&B Taxidermy

Taxidermy | Spring Texas hunters served well with B&B Taxidermy
Why Choose B&B Taxidermy in Houston Texas for your Trophy Harvested from Spring in Texas.

Mike, Jo and Frank Baird have been serving taxidermy customers from Spring and surrounding areas since 1983. This is a family business owned by Mike and Jo Baird. Spring is a great part of the state of Texas and a lot of hunting is done in the surrounding areas, and hunters are proud to have quality taxidermy mounts of their harvested game. We may not be in your immediate area, however, we are known for our quality mounts and custom taxidermy work by our statewide, nationwide and worldwide clientele. They demand the finest taxidermy work, and we deliver!

So, no matter where you are, if you want the best in taxidermist, give B&B Taxidermy a call today. You'll be glad you used B&B Taxidermy for your trophy mounts. Our quality taxidermy work is worth the trip, even from Spring Texas!

About Spring Texas

Taxidermy | Spring Texas hunters served well with B&B Taxidermy

Spring Texas is an unincorporated area just north of Houston city limits. The area is mostly residential with many nice homes and subdivisions.  Spring is very close to B&B Taxidermy and we are proud to serve our neighbors there.  Many folks from Spring and hunters and visit game ranches or go on safaris, bringing back their harvested trophies!  B&B Taxidermy will truly create works of art from them and create memories you'll enjoy for the rest of your life!

How to get your Trophy to B&B Taxidermy

Trophy Preparation - Being in Spring Texas, your trophy animal will need to be prepared for transit to us. We would advise you to take it to a local game processor or an outfitter in your area, tell them you are going to have a mount made from the cape (the hide, head and feet) so they can process the meat and prepare the cape for shipping to B&B Taxidermy. The cape and other parts need to either be packed in salt or frozen, then packed in dry ice.  Our address is on our contact page. We have a couple of fine and local game processors that will serve you well! One is Bellville Meat Market the the other is Midway Deer Processing. Remember, we only want the CAPE, NOT the MEAT!  If you are going on a safari, use one of our brokers for transit and legal information.

Trophy Cape Transit - It's a very short drive to B&B Taxidermy from the Spring area.  So bring it to us, that way we can meet and get precise taxidermy instructions from you on how you want your mount to look. You'll also see our showroom with the many mount, habitat and base options! With taxidermy, if you can imagine it... we can most likely do it!

Game Preparation Taxidermy Tips - Do not let the cape get warm or the hair can fall out. Do not let the skulls for european mounts sit out and get warm, or they will rot and stink and may not be accepted.

Small Animals should be frozen and NOT gutted.... just bring them in WHOLE and we'll do the rest.

The Mounting Process

Turn-Around Time - Your estimated turn-around time is 8 to 10 months, however depending on the season, that time could be reduced.

With you being so close by, please visit us at B&B Taxidermy so we can discuss how you want your mount presented, including the type of base and habitat you prefer.

We'll also give you a rough estimate of your return shipping costs unless you would just like to come and pick up your trophy. It will be a "rough estimate" as different factors such as the crating costs, the dimensions of the crate, it's weight and where it is going come into play determining the actual shipping cost.

If you have any questions before, during or after your hunt... feel free to call B&B Taxidermy for help at 281-469-2920.

How to get to B&B Taxidermy Location From Spring Texas

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