Habitats & Bases for Taxidermy Mounts

Habitats & Bases for Taxidermy Mounts

First we have to define what is a Mount and an Basic Habitat including the Base. The Mount is the animal cape you sent to B&B Taxidermy. The Habitat is the scenery Basic to that animal that enhances the Base. The Habitat can be custom (for an additional fee) or reflect the environment the Mount would frequent.  The prices you see include the Base and Basic Habitat. Stacked animals, Cactus, Snow and Water are available for an additional cost.

The Mount is placed on the Habitat and Base. The Base can be as minimal as a small pedestal to hold the Mount up to fine furniture with exotic woods and animal hide inlays, even marble bases. The Base (and Habitat) is an additional charge unless is it a full life-size Mount where a basic Base is included. A Marble Base may be available at an additional charge for a life-size mount.

Different Base & Habitat Styles and Prices

Limb Base Life-Size Basic Habitat and Base Pedestal Base
Wood Furniture Bases with Hide Inlay Wood Furniture Bases Custom Bases
  Large Wood Furniture Bases  

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