Non-U.S. Hunting Safari Preparations Information

Non-U.S. Hunting Safari Preparations Information

Non-U.S. Hunting Safari Preparations

Destination hunting safaris can be a great adventure for you and your family. Preparation is key in order to have a great hunting and travel experience. B&B Taxidermy has created a list of suggested items that you should take on your safari. We will work to untangle the web of items and knowledge needed to have a great Safari experience. We, at B&B Taxidermy, are committed to providing you with the information you need to successfully navigate and avoid safari pitfalls; thus having the experience of a lifetime!

Miscellaneous Items

First, let's talk about miscellaneous items that you will need to have a great hunting safari experience. You'll need things like sunglasses, possibly shooting glasses, binoculars and also camera gear. We would also suggest carrying gallon Ziploc bags for dust and moisture protection. Some camera lenses are larger and you would need to acquire a custom bag for that.

It's always best to take some items that are taken for granted here in the states that may not be available in a foreign country. Items such as insect repellent, medication for blisters. It would be wise to carry an extra pair of contact lenses or prescription glasses and an eyeglass strap may be a really good idea since some terrain is rough and bumpy. Be sure and include a pen and paper, an ammo carrying pouch and a hunting watch. You may want to bring some artificial sweetener as that may not be available in all places you visit.


When it comes to clothing for an foreign hunting safari, shoes are very important. We would suggest comfortable broken-in lightweight boots or tennis shoes and one pair of casual shoes for camp wear. We suggest bringing four pairs of undershorts, four pairs of shorts and trousers with 100% cotton being the best. Four shirts (2 long and 2 short-sleeved) and again, cotton is king. Also, bring a warm jacket and pants for the early morning and evening while in the vehicle... as it can get a bit chilly. For your hunting safari you also want to bring 4 pair of socks. A jogging suit is suitable for after-shower camp wear. A hunting hat and gloves are great too as well as a nice sturdy leather belt and handkerchiefs are also a plus!


Anytime you venture away from home, you always want to make sure that you have the medication necessary to sustain your health. On a foreign hunting safari, this is very important! Be sure and bring all medications as prescribed by your physician, also have aspirin or similar product available. An antiseptic cream, pain medication, and antacid as well as sinus medication is helpful. You also want to pack cold medicines, anti-diarrhea medications as well as Band-Aids and general first-aid products. We would also suggest bringing an antibiotic such as tetracycline. Be sure and consult with your physician for any other medication and vaccinations that you might need!


For any foreign country hunting safari, you will need your passport and we suggest having a copy of the passport information page. Be sure and also have your firearm permits and hunting license! You also need to keep an accurate rifle information list with the make, model and serial number of your rifle(s) as well as an accurate ammo record. On a hunting safari it goes without saying that you need to be sure and remember your airline tickets and acquire travelers checks (these are very useful for game fees and miscellaneous expenses). Make sure that upon arrival at the destination country your firearms, cameras lenses, binoculars, watches and other valuables are registered with the host country customs. You also need to have your taxidermist shipping address and information. You need a CITES form from your broker, information about your hunt and a contact list both for the safari and for friends and family at home.

Power of Attorney

You will need to provide a power of attorney to your broker who is responsible for bringing your trophy(s) back to the states. Below is a link to a group of brokers we use just for this purpose and they are recommended. You need to call them directly to get all the legal issues resolved before your hunt.

Firearms and Ammunition

We suggest bringing two rifles along for your hunting safari. The first rifle would be a large caliber .375 or larger and your second rifle would be a medium caliber of 7 mm magnum or larger. You need to have both rifles in a well-padded hard metal gun case for shipping. It goes without saying that the rifle should be sighted in prior to departure on your destination hunting safari.

For ammunition we have the following recommendations. For the heavy rifle, bring 40 rounds of ammunition. Of these 40, 20 would be soft tips, and 20 would be solid. For the medium rifle we suggest bringing 60 rounds of soft tip ammunition. Do not bring more than 11 pounds of ammunition total. Scope covers and a measuring tape are really handy items when you harvest your trophy. Be sure and bring gun cleaning equipment!

Traveling Clothes

When you are traveling to your destination hunting safari, wear comfortable airline traveling clothes. You may want to also have some nice casual wear for hotels and restaurants. Don't forget your swimsuit for hotel pools! Bringing expensive jewelry is not recommended!  It's best to leave your jewelry at home.

Handy but not Essential

Things that make your trip much better, but not essential, are items like a flashlight with extra batteries, pocketknife, duct tape, some books and magazines to read during the downtime. We at B&B Taxidermy would also suggest a lightweight duffel to carry purchased curios on the plane.

We would suggest that you make sure that your cell phone is backed up before you leave home. Also even though cell phones nowadays take better pictures, they are really not a substitute for a quality camera. And speaking of cameras on your hunting safari, be sure and bring extra batteries. If you enjoy consuming an adult beverage, bring your favorite beverage where it is allowed in country.


On your destination hunting safari, you will want to bring all the basic necessities such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, shampoo and more. Your safari mates will probably appreciate you bringing some deodorant! We also suggest skin lotion, lip-balm, sunscreen/sunblock and handy wipes. These are small things that will make your trip much more enjoyable!

So enjoy your trip and have the experience of a lifetime!  You'll love your hunt and your finished mount by B&B Taxidermy!

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