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Frequently Asked Taxidermy Questions

Frequently Asked Taxidermy Questions

What is your turn around time?

Usually 12-18 months, but it can be sooner depending on time of year or complexity of your mount.

How do I get my animal to you?

Keep as cold as possible in ice chest or freezer. Get to us as soon as possible. Do not let the cape get warm or the hair can fall out. Do not let skulls for european mounts set out and get warm or they will rot and stink and may not be accepted.

Small Animals should be frozen and NOT gutted.... just bring them in WHOLE and we'll do the rest.

Should I salt my skin before bringing it to you?

No bring to us frozen or on ice if possible.

How do I get my animals from Africa or any other foreign country to you?

Call us (281-469-2920)  and we will send you tags and set you up with a broker. For a list of our brokers, please visit our Before You Hunt Page.

Do you mount pets?


How much of a deposit do I have to pay?

100% down for European Mounts, Hides and Horn Mounts, all others, 50% of your total when dropped off, the rest is due upon completion.

Why do you charge a fee or surcharge for Credit Card use? credit card use fee

Basically, that is what we are charged each time a credit card is used. We hate to charge our clients for this convenience... but credit card fees cost us a small fortune each year and the expense adds up. There are no fees added for cash or bank honored checks.

Do you sell taxidermy supplies?


Do you process meat?

No. We recommend Midway Deer Processing in Katy and Bellville Meat Market in Bellville Texas.

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