Trophy Room Custom Turnkey built by Mike & Frank Baird - Oakwood Texas

Trophy Room Custom Turnkey built by Mike - Frank Baird - Oakwood Texas

Over the years, B&B Taxidermy have created works of art where it comes not only to taxidermy, but to Trophy Rooms to showcase the fine taxidermy. Mike & Frank Baird and staff have entered into a new phase of custom Trophy Room construction. Now, the Baird team at B&B Taxidermy have begun to construct custom Trophy Rooms from scratch according to the owner's plans! All the owner has to do is confer with the B&B team and say, this is what I want!

So the owner doesn't have to worry about any other contractors like plumbers or electricians, because the experienced team a B&B Taxidermy take care of all the subcontractors, making this a carefree experience for the owner. A care-free experience for the owner and a fine custom Trophy Room from the fine professionals at B&B Taxidermy!

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