Taxidermy Quality and Excellence by Mike Baird of B&B Taxidermy

Taxidermy Quality and Excellence by Mike Baird at B&B Taxidermy

Taxidermy Quality and Excellence at B&B Taxidermy

In the taxidermy world, you will find quite a range of quality, from first-class work to work that you're not necessarily proud to show. B&B Taxidermy of Houston Texas prides itself on the excellence and quality control given to each mount, whether it be the size of an elephant or a pheasant. They are first-class!

Mike Baird and staff have been creating excellent taxidermy since 1983. The company of B&B Taxidermy has many fine clients and keeps them, which in business is valuable attribute all its own. You see, Mike Baird demands the best from himself and his employees and thus the customer gets the benefit! All work is approved by Mike Baird before it goes out the door. Quality taxidermy always has been, and will be, a hallmark of B&B Taxidermy.

Frank Baird

Frank Baird, Mike's son, is training in his father's footsteps and is a great taxidermist in his own right. He cares as much about high quality taxidermy as his father does, as one day he will inherit this great business! Frank has spent many hours with his father learning the job, the taxidermy business and studying the intricacies of quality first-class taxidermist.

Travel Experience

Mike, Frank and family often take trips overseas to Africa and New Zealand. The hunting expeditions they go on allow them greater insight to the habitat of the Basic animals of those lands. This experience and knowledge gives you a greater quality taxidermy product as the mount in habitat match. This makes the taxidermy mount more lifelike as it looks like it does in the animal's home environment.

The Art of Taxidermy

Everyone at B&B Taxidermy prides themselves on creating a mount that is artistic and beautiful. The mount should look like the animal would in the wild, such is a bear fishing for trout or a lion tackling a zebra! This is the art that B&B Taxidermy puts into the mounts so they are not only artistic in nature but high quality as well. The attention to detail is easily evident when you examine a skillfully crafted B&B Taxidermy mount. You will see that the work is first-class!

The Talented Staff

The staff of B&B Taxidermy also prides itself in doing quality taxidermy for their clients! Many of the staff members have been with B&B Taxidermy for over 20 years. The turnover rate is very low at this quality taxidermy business. They have even kept the same photographer since 2006! These quality taxidermist take great pride in their work, and they should as they have been trained by the best, Mike Baird.

Taxidermy Specialization

Remember, for a taxidermy mount to look its best, it must be a complete package of mount, habitat and base. In order to create a mount of the craftsmanship expected here, there must be specialists in each of those areas. B&B Taxidermy has such specialists which makes them one of the best taxidermist around!

Worldwide Clientele

So understand that when you are looking for a high quality and first-class taxidermist to take care of your prize trophy, B&B Taxidermy will fit the bill! With clients from across the globe, they have the staff, the training and the oversight by Mike Baird which puts this business in a class of its own! You'll be pleased you chose B&B Taxidermy!

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